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Malayali Wedding Organizers

Hindu marriage is all about traditions and is an elaborate affair, extending over days. An excellent Event management team can make your wedding at your  traditional Kerala rituals...

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Pre-wedding customs are significant to Malayalee wedding. In a Malyalee custom the most important part of the wedding is the Muhurtham, Nischayam and the Traditional Feast. 

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It is a ritual in Malyalee wedding after the parents on both sides have sought an alliance then, as a ritual of a Malyalee wedding is to match the horoscopes of the of the couple before their marriage in order to see whether they are compatible or not.


Nischayam is the engagement ceremony when the family members of the bride and groom gather for the engagement ceremony of the to-be-wed bride and groom, where officially the marriage is announced to all the near and dear ones during the time of engagement and this takes place at the ancestral home of the bride.

Traditional Feast

A traditional feast is held one day prior to the wedding when the bride’s family members serve up conventional foods to groom’s parents and relatives, as a custom the bride has to sit facing the east, and she along with the whole family partake in the five-course vegetarian meal with all the members of the family .

Wedding day customs

Wedding day customs are short and simple and it generally conducted in the wee hours of the morning.


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The first custom performed on the day of the wedding is when the groom comes with the Baraat, to meet the bride and the bride's father cleanses his feet to symbolises that he accepts the groom with all his heart,and then the groom gifts a white sari to the parents of the bride,which the bride wears at the time of the wedding.


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